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Round Wood Stacker Semicircles 1 Set of 10 Wooden Half Circle Cutouts for Handmade Play Crafting and Stacker Blocks by Woodpeckers

1000 item(s)
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30 days
Price in points:1200 points
Brand: WoodPeckers, Made In: USA

Minimum quantity for "Round Wood Stacker Semicircles 1 Set of 10 Wooden Half Circle Cutouts for Handmade Play Crafting and Stacker Blocks by Woodpeckers" is 1.

Why us

Welcome To Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers Crafts are passionate about the potential for wood to fuel your creativity. Whether you're a dedicated crafter or professional artisan, our wide product selection has something for everyone. We source our wood responsibly and do the majority of our production in the USA.


It's 10 Circles- It's a Set!When one semicircle cutout is not enough, you'll want to check out our full set of 10 half-circle cutouts. They range from 3"- 12", and they are each a perfect half-circle cutout for crafting fun! Made of quality birch plywood, they're inch thick for maximum sturdiness.Wooden Circles for Crafts Just Got BetterCircles, squares, ovals, and now a semicircle! If you're a wood crafter, here's a new geometric shape you gotta add to your wood cutout collection.Whether your fave art medium is acrylic paint, decoupage, pebeo, marker, or glitter, this craft is super easy to decorate, and fun to display!The Better (Half) Craft You're Looking ForMade of top-quality inch thick Baltic birch plywood, this half-circle wood block is for crafters who like their projects to laaast. They come pre-sanded, so get down to the business of crafting without waiting, and without splinters!


3 inch to 12 inch
Pack quantity:
Material :
Unfinished Wood wood

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  CODE Size Pack quantity Availability Price  
3 inch to 12 inch 1
1000 item(s)
3 inch to 12 inch 2
1000 item(s)
3 inch to 12 inch 3
1000 item(s)
3 inch to 12 inch 5
1000 item(s)
3 inch to 12 inch 10
1000 item(s)
3 inch to 12 inch 25
1000 item(s)


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