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Team Turtle

Uniforms have been a staple for as long as humans have been wearing apparel. 

The reason they have remained prominent is mainly due to a few important benefits they provide such as


Uniforms provide a singular identity for teams, groups, organizations, small and big businesses.  They promote a positive look and a perception of unity and a sense of belonging.   Work uniforms promote pride in the business ones works for and helps instill a sense of pride, responsibility and can convert employees into “brand ambassadors.

Professional Image:

Well-designed uniforms projects a highly professional image that attracts and helps retain customers.

When employees wear uniforms displaying logos and colors, they help differentiate their business in the markets they serve.  The unforms provide an additional channel of free advertising as they become walking billboards.

Protection & Comfort:

Uniforms deliver functional benefits such as wearer safety and comfort.

While safety standards vary based on the industry, it’s imperative to make sure that they provide comfort and functionality.

Automotive and Maintenance Uniforms:

The benefits of uniforms is quite evident, they provide the same benefits for employees in the automotive workshops, maintenance, farming and construction. 

While in retail fashionable uniforms may dominate, in this category the functionality, durability and comfort are key. 

Work wear comes in a variety of fabrics and weight that allow suitability based on the environment one works in. 

Turtles Egg brings you some great choices by Blue Collar Outlet. They are designed for the hard-working American in the Automotive, farming and Maintenance industry.

Work Shirts:  Chambray

Ideally suited when working in a warmer environment and simply fantastic during the summer across the USA.  Chambray fabrics are known to breath well and increase the comfort level.  They can be used at work and travel.

Men’s Chambray Work Shirt, Short Sleeve available in 100% Cotton and 65% poly 35% cotton. Two front Pockets with Mitered Flaps, Double Needle Stitching, Sunglass Loop and Pencil Pockets, Uniform Work Shirts, Button Closure (No Snaps)