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Wood Crafts Advantages

Team Turtle

Wood Crafting As A Hobby, A Lifestyle, A Business:

Wood crafts have been part of our lives in some way or another. Most take it up as a hobby which for some grows into a lifestyle.

Irrespective of one’s talent, wood crafts provide tremendous opportunities and benefits that enrich one’s life.

Wood Crafting, A Relationship Builder:

Wood crafting activities bring families and friends together.  They help build a bond between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, siblings, and friends.

The focus is on the quality of time spent together rather than quality of the product.  Some of the traditional occasions are …New Year’s Day, Easter, Summer projects, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Polar Bear Day, Mardi Gras, Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, Zoo lovers’ day, Unicorn Day, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Star Wars Day (YES!! It is a thing ... May 4th). Mother’s Day, Space Day, Flag Day, Father’s Day, Hug A Bear Day, Grandparents Day, Independence Day, Friendship Day, Work Teachers’ Day, and Turtles Egg Day… the list goes on and on. 

Introducing wood crafts in school, especially kindergarten, teaches children to work together and harnesses their creative qualities.

It’s all about finding a reason to come together and create so take every opportunity to bond and create lifelong memories with family and friends through wood crafts.

Wood Crafting, A Hobby for a Positive Life:

Researchers have confirmed that as little as 30 minutes per day may build self-esteem and self-confidence by boosting mood.  This may help reduces stress and cultivate a happy and peaceful state of mind.  Yes, its meditative.

Hobbies are an essential ingredient in making our lives colorful.  Wood crafting is a great hobby that allows novices to the most artistic to indulge. 

Wood Crafting, A Living:

As a professional wood crafter, the possibilities and opportunities are endless.  What an amazing way to make a good living working where your passion lies.

Look at the rise of ETSY and newcomer TurtlesEgg, marketplaces designed for budding to professional artists and craftsman to display and sell their products direct to consumers. 

One need not be a carpenter as companies such as Woodpeckers Crafts who sell on marketplaces such as TurtlesEgg.com provide the necessary blanks, made in the USA for all ones needs.

It’s extremely easy, low cost or free to sign-up and start selling on  https://www.turtlesegg.com/seller-plans

Wood Crafting, “Just Do It”:

Nike has coined the phrase “Just Do It”, it can apply to just about everything that’s important and necessary in our lives. 

Get started now and explore wood crafting today.

Here are a few blank ideas for a quick start…
Wood Bird Cutout - Woodpeckers Craft LLCLarge Wooden Bunny Cutouts - Woodpeckers Craft LLCShallow Wooden Box - Woodpeckers Craft LLCWooden Candlesticks 11 inch Tall - Woodpeckers Craft LLC