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Seller Benefits



TurtlesEgg Support For Sellers-

As a socially responsible multi-vendor marketplace, we protect our sellers interest and offer low commission fees to ensure they sustain and thrive in the online marketplace.

TurtlesEgg Platform Offerings-

We at TurtlesEgg, understand the pain areas of our sellers thus we have provided capabilities that eases our vendor challenges. Such as …

Promoting sellers and brands boldly across all digital platforms with the primary focus on building/enhancing brand awareness, visibility and reach to targeted audience.

Unique messaging option pre & post sale, enables vendors to reduce shopping cart abandonment and bracketing issues.

A customizable microsite to showcase brand, products and business.

Analyze performance and manage business all in one personalized ease to use dashboard.


Turtles Egg Beyond Business-

Turtles Egg pledges to donate 5% of profits and .5% of revenue to various causes that are dear to all our heart such as children’s and women’s causes, homeless shelters, food banks, cancer research, animal shelters, 501(c) 3’s plus local communities and schools.


We strongly believe in Kathy Calvin saying “Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference”

If doing good is your thing, check out our “ Giving Back” program

We stand by our sellers, buyers and stakeholders to ensure “Together We Win”!

Still have questions? Check our FAQ page or contact us.