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About us


About Us

Turtles Egg is a Socially Responsible Online Marketplace for USA consumers and sellers. 

Our Motto is simple,  “Together We Win”.  Three simple words that explain our philosophy, our motives, our actions succinctly.  

Turtles Egg is a socially responsible multivendor marketplace comprised of consumers and business owners small, big, local, regional, and national from all walks of life with a common thread.

A triage that firmly believes that success starts at home by promoting each other’s businesses locally.   Thus directly contributing towards making our communities, our families, and our lives thrive

Our Focus :

To provide an ultimate platform that cares equally about customers and sellers, uniting them to create a sustainable source of funding to help humanitarian, pet, and eco-friendly causes. 

Our Promises:

A:  We pledge to give a percentage of our revenue and or profits to various causes that are dear to our heart such as children’s, women’s and homeless shelters, cancer, animal shelters, and eco-friendly causes with a big emphasis on local communities, 501c3 and schools.

B:  Turtles Egg as a platform hereby promises to not directly sell any products or services on our platform that would compete with products & services sold by our Seller Partners.

C:   Dirversity pledge, when hiring, TurtlesEgg is committed to a "Being Human" policy and does not restrict hiring on absolutely any basis may that be race, gender, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, country.  

We are fully committed to supporting & promoting our Sellers so they can provide the ultimate experience to our customers.  It simply matters.\r