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Best Shopping Practices



Best Shopping Practices

Dearest Customers,  

Thank you for taking the time to visit Turtles Egg.   Your time is valuable and thus we turtles have put forth a few requests for your consideration.  

Before you read the below, we want you to know that you, our customer, are our only reason for existence, our sellers and turtles will strive to give you the best possible experience doing business with us.  

Request 1:  Keep coming back to Turtlesegg.com for more.

Request 2:  Verify the color, measurements, quantity before you buy so it does not create any disappointment nor inconvenience to  you for having to return / exchange the products.

Request 3:  Show patience, deliveries can be delayed due to reasons totally out of our sellers hands.   Support them.

Request 4:  Be compassionate

Shop responsibly,  Shop Turtlesegg.com

Want to know why you should care,  Especially when shipping is free, returns are guaranteed as per sellers policies?   Why not just buy three sizes, keep one and return two?  

Many of our sellers are small businesses doing this full time to support their families & businesses and thereby creating a healthy local community.   

They sell products very competitively while providing free shipping, easy return policies with the hope of gaining you as a long-term customer.   

When products are returned callously, it costs the seller hefty penalties in shipping & handling fees, loss of sale, restocking expenses, and most importantly losing you as the customer.  

Every dollar you spend on Turtles Egg helps us support charitable causes dearest to our hearts.   If you have a favored cause,  email us at [email protected] 

Thank you for caring.