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TurtlesEgg is focused on supporting Minority, Women, and Veteran-owned businesses. Over the last few decades, there have been various organizations helping to promote and help minorities, women, and veteran business owners, we are heading in the right direction, let’s continue to do more.

While some minority businesses have found success, the majority, especially the smaller businesses struggle every day to find themselves limited due to their circumstances.   

The online selling opportunities have created a tremendous boom around the world,  we at TurtlesEgg.com want everyone to get the opportunity to succeed.  

In spite of the online boom and low-cost entry, finding success online for an individual business is a mountainous challenge.  Setting up a quality website, hefty monthly fees, advertising, promotions, social media marketing, etc. skyrockets the cost of customer acquisition and makes it unaffordable.  

TurtlesEgg has created a special seller plan providing qualified businesses a very low-cost solution, including :

  • Super Low Monthly Fees
- Just $3.99 per month, that's it. 
  • Low Transaction Fees
- Just 8% in all categories.
  • Limit on Products to Sell
- None,  Unlimited product postings
  • Limit on Revenue
- None,  Unlimited Revenue
  • Product Category Restriction
- None, all categories offered are open to you
  • Marketing & SEO
- Yes, Leave the promotions to us
- YES,  Your own micro-store (With web address to direct your organic traffic to.)  

    *To Qualify all we need is your Minority, Women-Owned or Veterans Business Certificate issued by your State, NMSDC https://nmsdc.org,  WOSB, WBENC www.wbenc.org,  NVBDC  www.nvbdc.org,  VOSB.   Do not have any of these or have issues getting them, simply contact us at [email protected] and we will gladly find you a solution.