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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answers to most asked questions. Team Turtle is here to answer our most frequently asked questions by customers and sellers when using TurtlesEgg.com

Shipping & Delivery

What are the shipping options?

All orders get Free Standard Shipping or Free Pick Up from stores where available.
Standard shipping usually takes 2 to 7 days during regular times and 2 to 10 days during peak season.

Is there free shipping?

FREE SHIPPING, ALWAYS, Yes, All our Sellers are required to provide Free Shipping and or Free Pick Up from their store location.

Who are the couriers used by Sellers?

All our Sellers use the three major courier services and they are USPS, Fed Ex, UPS.

How can I track my parcel?

As soon as your order is shipped customers get an email confirmation that includes the courier name and tracking number. Simply go to the couriers site USPS.com or FEDEX.com or UPS.com and input the tracking number provided. Need more help, contact the seller our TeamTurtle.

Returns & Exchange

What is the return policy?

Most products have 30 days return policy, no questions asked, there are some exceptions such as food etc. Please check Seller policy on product page prior to purchasing.

How do I exchange or return my order?

Go to your account, click on the order, click on order number, click on “Exchange or Return” dropdown menu, choose one, Checkmark the items you want to return and click Confirm. Your request is sent to the Seller.

Is return shipment paid by Seller?

Yes, once your return or exchange is approved, the Seller will email you a pre-paid return shipping label.

Can my order be replaced / exchanged?

Yes, At Turtles Egg we give you option to Exchange or Refund. To support Sellers, we request you to try exchanging to get the right fit and color as your first choice.

Can I return partial order?

Yes, customers can return any or all items. If it's a set, the full set will require exchange or return. Please reach out to the Seller, they are always available for a quick reply.

When can I expect my refund?

Refund for all items is credited back to your credit card within 24 hours of the Seller receiving the item back.

Any request from Team Turtle to all customers?

Kindly return the items promptly in new condition, with all tags and packaging intact for worry free process. Majority of our Sellers are local small businesses working hard to make a decent living, they spend a lot of money on shipping, every return hurts them financially. Team Turtle requests you to be compassionate, be considerate. Together We Win

About Company

How is TurtlesEgg.com different from other marketplaces?

TurtlesEgg.com with its unique vision has built a platform that will safe guard the interests of customers and sellers alike. They openly promote the sellers businesses and brands rather than just the platform.

Customers get Free shipping, Always.

Customers get to know who and where they are buying from.

Customers get an option to buy local where available, save and support local.

Customers get to support charitable organizations without donating.

Sellers get to support charitable organizations without spending any funds themselves.

Sellers get to know and grow their customer base, brand and business.

Sellers are promoted by TurtlesEgg.com so they grow their sales and profits.

What is TurtleEgg.com’s mission?

To provide an ultimate platform that cares equally about customers and sellers, uniting them to create a sustainable source of funding to help humanitarian and pet causes.

What is the “Giving Back 5.5 Program" ?

The “Giving Back 5.5” program is a unique commitment by Team Turtle right from inception. Turtles Egg is committed to give 5% of profits and .5% of revenue to support 501C charities, schools, and local communities.Causes that are extremely dear to all of us.

How can a charity or school become a beneficiary of the Giving Back 5.5 program ?

Any charity, school, non-profit and organization that is providing service of caring and uplifting our society simply has to register as a “Charity” under the “Giving Back” tab on our main page.. There is absolutely no cost or strings attached. We provide charities with a free web page to share about them and their purpose.

Can Charities raise funds through TurtlesEgg.Com?

Absolutely yes, Charities in need can create a fund drive and promote it through their webpage on TurtledEgg.com.


Where to check my order status?

If you are logged in , click on your profile (top right corner), From the dropdown menu click on “Orders”, click on the “order number” to get full details on your order status.

How can I contact seller?

TurtlesEgg.com has made is very easy to get information so you get what you need. Pre order contact: On product page click on the “Ask a Question” and inquire. Post order contact: Every time you order, you get an email, reply to that or go to the order page and send message to the Seller.


Why should I sell my products on TurtlesEgg.Com?

While customers are the primary focus, TurtlesEgg.com has created an optimal platform for sellers of all sizes. A few of the advantages are listed here…

Only multivendor marketplace that protects sellers and customers interests alike.

Only platform to boldly promise a non-compete with seller partners.

Sellers get their own micro-site with URL.

Boldly promoting Sellers, brands & business on the marketplace.

Simple sign up and set up process.

Easy to use seller dashboard, orders, accounts, shipments, customers all in one place.

Convenient shipping integration with Shippo ,ShipStation or use your own accounts.

Chat with customer pre-sale, reduce your return rate & use the opportunity to up-sell.

Low commission and quick pay outs. Increase your margins

Sales & Use Taxes, we handle it for all 50 states.

Minority, Women’s and Veterans owned businesses get special pricing.

Who Can Sell ?

A Perfect marketplace for individuals, local, regional and national sellers. Start Selling Now.

What type of products and services can be sold?

All categories of products and services are allowed. There are a few restrictions such as illegal substances, adult products, firearms etc.

Can Sellers sell used products?

How can Seller promote their brands?

TurtlesEgg.com has designed an ideal portal for brand owners to showcase their products, promote their brand names on the product listing, on the product page and on the micro store. In addition Team Turtle promotes your brands through various social media outlets./

How is a vendor selected and on-boarded ?

Sellers go through an approval process, once seller registers, Team Turtle verifies the authenticity of the information provided. Once approved, an email confirmation is sent with details of Seller login.

Is there a free subscription plan for sellers to sign up?

Yes, there are plenty of choices to sign up including a free plan. Choose one that best suits your business. They are all affordable.

Are they any special plans for businesses owned by Women’s, Minority, Veterans?

Yes, Team Turtle has created special plan with super low subscription fees.

Do Sellers get their own dashboard to manage their business?

Sellers get to set up and manage their business through the super easy and attractive dashboard. All Sellers get to manage their business from one place.

Do Sellers get their own micro site and how does it work?

Yes, Sellers get their own micro website dedicated to their business and brands. Product posts are simultaneously posted on the main and Sellers micro website. Sellers can share the URL on social media and customers to promote their business. Sellers get to design their micro site page with banners and logos Sellers get to share details of their business, brands, products, location and telephone for customers to see.

Can Sellers use third party shipping integrations such as Shippo or ShipStation?

Yes, We have made it simple for sellers to download all their orders into their choice of shipping service. The shipping and tracking details are updated in TurtlesEgg.com.

Do Sellers have to deal with Sales Tax and for which states?

TurtlesEgg.com handles all the complexities of compliance, collection and payment of all sales taxes in all 50 states

How do Sellers get paid?

Sellers are required to sign up using Stripe Connect, in addition to TurtlesEgg.com dashboard, Sellers can track their payment through the Stripe Connect dashboard. All sellers are paid with a 14 day lag period.

Do Sellers have to contribute towards the” Giving Back” Charity program ?

No, It does not require Sellers to contribute anything. Join us in in the cause without dipping into sellers margins.

If Customers and or Sellers have questions what is the contact details?

Team Turtle is always open to help

For Customers :
[email protected]

For Sellers :
[email protected]