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Benefits of Nail Care

Team Turtle

Nail care is looked at as a fashionable statement and only a small percentage of users understand the direct and subtle benefits that go beyond the beauty aspect.

Benefits of nail care:  Manicure and Pedicures



Regular grooming helps keep dirt from accumulating under nails.  These unwanted deposits can be consumed while eating and can cause stomach and other health issues.



As on ages its known to experience faster growth of finger and toenails and thus important to cultivate a regimental habit of getting a manicure and pedicure at regular intervals. 



Clean and trim nail grooming has been known to boost

self- confidence.  Pamper yourself to an occasional professional spa experience, its extremely relaxing and you will walk out feeling like a million bucks $ with a newborn outlook on life.



Part of a good manicure / pedicure is a nail massage that is extremely soothing and had tremendous health benefits.   Once can DIY or get it done professionally.

Massage increases blood flow to the region and allows a conditioning effect of the blood while removing toxins. 

Try giving yourself a nail massage once a week or more often and see an increase in strength and length of your nails.


In the USA it’s easy to find a nail salon as they are in almost every stripe mall.  Unless you choose an expensive spa, majority of the salons have affordable pricing.  Always look for specials and discount coupons.  Note irrespective of your financial situation, saving money is a good thing. So do not be ashamed of using coupons.



We strongly recommend you get the tools for in-home grooming as they are extremely affordable on marketplaces such as TurtlesEgg.com.  They have hundreds of tools you can use to give your loved one and yourself manicures and pedicures. Create a true family bonding experience.

Must have high quality affordable tools, let’s look at a few select products that are shipped from within the USA. 

Buy a kit or buy individual specialized tools, buy with trust on Turtles Egg where shipping is Always free backed by 30 day return policy.

Have questions, email us at [email protected]


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