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New Channel to Grow Sales Online

Team Turtle

As a retailer, brand owner it has become absolutely necessary to start selling on-line.

It’s not kosher for retailers to just sit back and wait for customer walk-ins nor is it sufficient for brand owners to simply depend on retail outlets to accept their brand and products. 

While creating a website has become extremely easy, drawing traffic is hard even for the well established brands & retailers. Without traffic the hope of increasing sales and growing a customer base is challenging. 

The Solution

TurtlesEgg.com with its unique vision is the only marketplace that offers its “Seller Partners” based in the USA a low cost, easy to sign-up platform. 

Join Us

In a short time since we have launched we have 1000’s of product for consumers to choose from verified sellers all based in the USA. 

We continue to seek reputed brands and resellers who are based in the USA. 

Start now, choose a plan and apply for a seller account and/or Email [email protected]

Turtles Egg Seller Plan


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