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What is mCommerce and why has it become so important to every business wishing to find success online

Team Turtle

What is mCommerce:

We all know what Ecommerce stands for, mCommerce stands for Mobile Commerce. It's the use of wireless handheld devices like tablets and cell phones to buy and sell products, banking, bill payments and much more online.

We have observed the advent of Ecommerce marketplaces and how it quickly became a part of our day to day lives.

51% of American customer’s shop online and thus having a web or mobile presence is crucial for all businesses.

We all know that eCommerce marketplace is a growing trend, but do you know that mCommerce is growing rapidly?

In the US, Trinity Digital Marketing reports that nearly half of the population uses smart phones to access the internet. Around 4.66 billion people are in the habit of using their smart phones to access the Internet every day.

Simply creating a website is not enough for business, the website should be highly optimized, efficient with content that allows customers to find and buy products with great easy.

The key factor is designing an ecommerce site that is highly optimized and responsive to mCommerce (mobile commerce) for increase in sales.

Let’s explore the key points for your business-

What is the prominence of mCommerce

Failing to provide a mobile-friendly shopping experience could affect sales due to the growing popularity of mobile internet and mobile shopping.

The goal in mCommerce is to ensure that customer’s online shopping experience is well suited to the smaller screen sizes that we see on smart phones and tablets.

As a brand owner, retailer and online seller, the ultimate goal of building an online store is to reach more customers, grow awareness, expand target audience and ultimately increasing sales.

Providing comfort and convenience of shopping “anywhere and anytime” creates tremendous value, features demanded by customers of today.

In this fast paced life, mCommerce simply take the “At Your fingertips” concept to a whole new level.

Growth in usage of Smartphone and Internet

According to Statista mobile phone internet users are 280.44 million in 2021 and which is estimated to be 295.04 million by 2025. The fact is people do spend a statistically significant amount of time accessing the internet using mobile phones; it is clear that they will be doing a lot of mobile shopping.

Mobile unfriendly websites drive potential customers away

At the end of the day, the continually increasing numbers of internet and smartphone users becomethe biggest reason to provide mobile-friendly shopping experience for your customers.
One study shows 61% of online shoppers are more likely to skip the mobile-unfriendly Ecommerce website; and 67% of online shoppers are more likely to shop from mobile-friendly Ecommerce sites.

Impact on customers buying process with boost in sales

According to insider intelligence forecast, sales will reach $284 billion via smartphones, or 45% of the total U.S. eCommerce by the end of 2021.
With all its growing influence, mCommerce is the rising star of Ecommerce marketplaces that allows…

• Fast speed

Sales: Tremendous fast & easy, instant satisfaction

• Payment security
Safe &Secure: E-payment transaction allows full interactive experience with built in security.

• Affordable Devices
Affordable: Handheld devices, internet and cell phone services have become much cheaper with tremendous capacity.

• Innovation & Accessibility
Continued innovations: Creative solutions & new applications have made online marketing and selling the gateway to success.

Experience of Multi-vendor marketplaces

Most brands and businesses today have their own Ecommerce websites, but listing of products on various multi-vendor platforms such as Amazon, Ebay and TurtlesEgg.Com is an important strategy.

Customer simply prefers to buy from “one stop shops” or marketplaces rather than having to visit multiple websites.
TurtlesEgg.com, the new socially responsible online marketplace offers brand owners, retailers and all types of online sellers a unique customizable & mobile-friendly online store that enables them to succeed while providing customers a seamless shopping experience.


With 284 billion people using smartphones to access the internet, mCommerce continue to grow in the future.

The need for any Ecommerce marketplace to be mobile friendly is a not a luxury but a necessity.


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