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Why Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Team Turtle

Thanksgiving is a highly celebrated day in America. 

The origins or thanksgiving date back to 1621.  The English colonists (known as the Pilgrims) shared a harvest feast with the native American Wampanoag tribe.

President George Washington in 1789 declared Thursday November 26 as a day of thanksgiving.  In 1870 Congress followed suit and made it an official holiday.

While the purpose of hosting the feast by the pilgrims may have been more than pure celebration, In America, thanksgiving has turned into a weekend for families to come together, celebrate, reunite, bond over a special meal.  Its more like “Homecoming”. 

A homecoming where the main event is carving a deliciously cooked turkey and slurp it up with gravy and all kinds of trimmings.  And after over-filling their bellies. dig into the variety of desserts from pumpkin pies to cheesecakes etc.  the list is too extensive to post here as each family has their own recipes.

Creating a perfect time to have a peaceful, relaxing experience after being fully satiated with the delicious food.

It is the busiest travelled weekend of the year and even surpasses Christmas in the shear number of people who crisscross America to get to their families in time.

So why is Thanksgiving such a special event? 

The main event is “The Celebratory Meal”, while most families choose turkey, many others have chosen vegan and alternative menu.

It’s an opportunity to show appreciation to all that have played an important role in their lives. 

No gifts are exchanged and thus no pressure.

It’s a long weekend that allow distant relatives and friends to come together.

It’s a non-religious and allows for people from all types of faith to come together.

The most important result of Thanksgiving Celebration is that it helps promote love, compassion, appreciation.  

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at TurtlesEgg.com


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