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Puppy Pouch Pet Carrier Sling | Front | Adjustable Hands Free Front Facing Dog Pouch | Relieves Your Pet's Anxiety and Stress. Available in Black, Gray, Red and Blue

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The PUPPY POUCH PET CARRIER SLING is perfect for small dogs and cats from 8-18 pounds. If your pet suffers from anxieties you're going to love this sling as it works even better than a thunder shirt. Animals calm down when they hear their "hooman's" heart beat and they can do it easily when you're using this. You can finally enjoy storms again because you can get things done and soothe your animal at the same time. The pouch is fully adjustable, very soft and and breathable which is important for both you and your pup because neither of you want to become overheated. Your shoulders won't ache anymore as the weight is close to your body, making it evenly distributed. Whether you use it to travel or go to the local farmer's market you'll find it much easier than a leash that always gets tangled and trips everyone up. Your dog can be with and will never be in the way. The Puppy Pouch comes with a convenient matching storage bag and is machine washable. Upgrade to one today! Patent Pending. DO NOT USE PUPPY POUCH IF YOUR DOG IS OVER THE AGE OF 10 OR IF YOUR DOG HAS ANY ORTHOPAEDIC ISSUES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO SPINAL PROBLEMS, HIP PROBLEMS OR JOINT PROBLEMS. CONSULT YOUR VET BEFORE USING PUPPY POUCH. Each Puppy Pouch comes with a guide and a link to an instructional video. Please email us with any questions as we are here to help you with your purchase if you need it.


One Size
Pack quantity:
1.26 pounds
Puppy Pouch

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  CODE Color Size Pack quantity Weight Availability Price  
Black One Size 1 1.26 pounds
99 item(s)
Red One Size 1 1.26 pounds
10 item(s)
Gray One Size 1 1.26 pounds
99 item(s)
Blue One Size 1 1.26 pounds
5 item(s)


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