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Colored Wooden Dowels 12 Inch 3/16 Inch Thick Pack of 30 Assorted Colors Dowels for Crafts and Woodworking by Woodpeckers

1000 item(s)
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30 days
Price in points:475 points
Brand: WoodPeckers, Made In: USA

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Why us

Welcome To Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers Crafts are passionate about the potential for wood to fuel your creativity. Whether you're a dedicated crafter or professional artisan, our wide product selection has something for everyone. We source our wood responsibly and do the majority of our production in the USA.


Red and Orange, Yellow, GreenBring rainbow joy into your crafts with these colored wooden dowel rods! They have the same uses and functionality as our regular dowel rods, just in colorful. Besides the cheeriness factor, they save you time, too. No more mess, no more tedious dowel painting We did all that for you! (Youre welcome :) Want to embellish them further? Awesome. Want to leave as is? Also awesome!Quality, Quality, QualityDont let the cheerful colors fool you. These wooden sticks for crafts are just as high-quality as the rest of our dowels. Made of quality birch wood, they wont crack or chip. Theyre uniformly-sized and pre-sanded. That means less time sanding, and more time crafting! What could be better?Add Color to Your Crafts and WoodworkingTheres so much you can do with these brightly colored sticks for crafting. Planning a party? Youll want a bunch for your centerpieces,photo booth props and DIY ribbon wands. Theyll aso add pop and color to your pennants and celebration baskets. Are you a woodworker? Then youll love these dowels for your mini cars, dollhouses, models Crafters and DIYers, theres plenty to do with these wooden dowels for crafts, too. Use them to make jewelry holders, flagsticks for flags Youll definitely want to stock up on these cheerful dowels for crafting.


12 inch x 3/16 inch thick
Pack quantity:

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  CODE Size Pack quantity Availability Price  
12 inch x 3/16 inch thick 30
1000 item(s)
12 inch x 3/16 inch thick 60
1000 item(s)
12 inch x 3/16 inch thick 120
1000 item(s)
12 inch x 3/16 inch thick 300
1000 item(s)
12 inch x 3/16 inch thick 600
1000 item(s)


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