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DIY Rainbow Stacking Boxes 25 Sets of 6 Unfinished Rainbow Nesting Boxes for Open-Ended Play and Skill Building by Woodpeckers

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Brand: WoodPeckers, Made In: USA

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Why us

Welcome To Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers Crafts are passionate about the potential for wood to fuel your creativity. Whether you're a dedicated crafter or professional artisan, our wide product selection has something for everyone. We source our wood responsibly and do the majority of our production in the USA.


Completely Natural and Totally DIYThat means this set is non-toxic and unfinished! But if you love the wooden rainbow look our unfinished rainbow stacking boxes are easy to color with acrylic paint wood stain natural dyes chalk paint or liquid watercolor paint. 6 beautiful rainbow boxes + handmade by you = pure playroom bliss! (Mom might just be tempted to get down on the floor and start playing!)When Does Play End and Learning Begin?With open-ended rainbow play of course! Fill your playroom shelves with these coveted wood things.This set is compatible with the rainbow and will pair perfectly with our mini peg dolls. Watch as your family gets busy building stacking pretending...finally an away-from-screens activity thatll keep them entertained! (And its educational benefits will be our secret ;) This time you can count on them for cleanup cuz these nesting boxes will be so fun to put away theyll forget to complain. A Set for All Ages6 smartly sized boxes for smart organizing & decorating. Keep your beads tidy at your next arts n crafts party...tuck in your peg dolls after a long day of playdisplay your pretty little odds n ends.Gifting someone? Make a personalized gift box to add flair to your gift (+ brownie points from your recipient ;). Its craft time with these unfinished nesting boxes. You think theyre just boxes...until you craft them into a snowman or wedding cake!


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1000 item(s)


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