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Wood Gecko Cutout 10-inch x 11-inch Pack of 1 Unfinished Wood Animal Cutouts for Crafts and Lizard Decor Shapes by Woodpeckers

1000 item(s)
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30 days
Price in points:800 points
Brand: WoodPeckers, Made In: USA

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Why us

Welcome To Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers Crafts are passionate about the potential for wood to fuel your creativity. Whether you're a dedicated crafter or professional artisan, our wide product selection has something for everyone. We source our wood responsibly and do the majority of our production in the USA.


TELL ME, WILL IT WARP?Shed your fears about poor quality with this lizard wooden craft to paint. It won't shed splinters. It's pre-sanded, inch thick, and born from Baltic birch plywood. Holding up to heavier art mediums is a no-brainer for unfinished animal wood cutouts like this one. Presenting in all it's cuteness...10 x 11 inch lizard crafting wood shapes. Project gecko, it's time to begin.BONDING STARTS HEREWood lizards to paint - Is it ladies craft night? Family bonding time? Show off your crafting expertise with this DIY wooden animal cutout. Watch your lizard leap from inanimate to life-like with your favorite wood art mediums. Get these crafting blanks, unfinished wood animals to paint, and enjoy the smooth, splinter-free surface. To paints, dot art, and craft wood pieces!SUN, SAND, AND LIZARDSIf you love lizards, this wood craft is for you! Picture this lizard wooden craft piece resting against your garden gate, adding a pop of uniqueness and desert-y feel to your outdoor surroundings. Transform your family room into a desert with lizard wall decor. Or, go for the greens and rainforest look. (Seal to make your wood plaque weatherproof.) For party decor and wooden shapes fun, this wood animal cutout for crafts is a wooden stuff-cheer bringer.


10 inch x 11 inch
Pack quantity:

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  CODE Size Pack quantity Availability Price  
10 inch x 11 inch 1
1000 item(s)
10 inch x 11 inch 3
1000 item(s)
10 inch x 11 inch 6
1000 item(s)
10 inch x 11 inch 12
1000 item(s)
10 inch x 11 inch 25
1000 item(s)
10 inch x 11 inch 50
1000 item(s)


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