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Peel Off Nail Polish, Amazing Mixed Colors With Glitter , Stars, or Flowers. Confetti Mix Pack of Twelve Color, Fun Confetti Assortment by Alisa Toys Inc

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Brand: LUKKY, Made In: China

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Established in 1997, Alisa has been making kids happy for almost 25 years. All products offer unique features, excellent quality and competitive price points. From fun educational toys, to elaborate construction sets, to a one-of-a-kind cosmetics line for girls, we have a variety of fantastic products.


LUKKY Peel-off nail polish x 0.19 fl.oz. "Confetti-Mix", assortment of 12 pcsgold-pearl mix with hearts x 2
gold-pink mix x 1
white-pink mix with flowers x 1
lilac-blue mix with stars x 1
purple-white-blue mix with stars x 1
blue-gold mix with stars x 1
turquoise pearl with glitter x 1
bright pink pearl with glitter x 2
lilac pearl with glitter x 2

So many colors to choose from to create your perfect Lukky manicure! This amazing peel-off nail polish can be removed with just one peel! No need for any nail polish remover, so easy to change! Spill-proof bottle! Create your bold and unique style.

Directions: Make sure nails are clean and free of any make up or other product. Apply nail polish to each nail. For optimal results wait until the polish dries, and apply a second layer. You may choose to put an additional layer of top coat. Drying time is approximately 3-5 minutes.

To remove nail polish: Put hands in warm water for a few minutes, then gently pull the edge of nail polish layer to peel off.

Vol. 0.19fl.oz./5.5ml


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