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Icecube Herbals Olive Leaf Tincture

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Why us

Natural Chaga from the Heart of Northern Minnesota

For centuries, natural remedies such as Chaga have provided good health and longevity to the people of Siberia, China, and many Northern European counties including Norway. Our 100% natural Chaga is harvested in the pristine forests of Northern Mn from live birch trees without power tools or artificial processing.

Here's to your health

Icecube Herbals Olive Leaf Tincture
100 item(s)
(0 reviews) Write a review


The olive leaf is a staple of the Mediterranean diet, which scientists' study for its potential to aide in the prevention of chronic diseases. Research points to lower rates of illnesses and cancer-related deaths among populations that follow this diet. The positive effect is due in part to the powerful and health-boosting benefits of the olive leaf. Some of the areas of benefit are: Antioxidant, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Heart Health.

Tested for contaminants
Processed in a food-safe environment
Bottled in a 2oz food-safe bottle (Great for Travel!)
Triple-Extracted for maximum effectiveness
Kept in a climate-controlled storage room
Less than 30% alcohol by volume
Nothing artificial, 100% Natural & Gluten Free

We are licensed through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Suggested Use

Our no-hassle tinctures are made to be taken Sublingually or "under the tongue"

Absorption through the mucosal membranes under the tongue, provides a more direct route to the bloodstream.
By not going through the digestive system, essential nutrients are not metabolized through the stomach acids or liver, (avoiding the loss of potency.)
Are easily put under the tongue and held there for around 30 seconds.
Sublingual effects ‘begin’ 15 minutes to an hour after application.

If you have any questions please


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