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Icecube Herbals Chaga Start up Kit

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Natural Chaga from the Heart of Northern Minnesota

For centuries, natural remedies such as Chaga have provided good health and longevity to the people of Siberia, China, and many Northern European counties including Norway. Our 100% natural Chaga is harvested in the pristine forests of Northern Mn from live birch trees without power tools or artificial processing.

Here's to your health

Icecube Herbals Chaga Start up Kit
100 item(s)
(0 reviews) Write a review


Expand your market, start your own business, or buy for your personal use at a great wholesale price! In this Chaga and Tincture Starter Kit, you will receive nearly $300.00 worth of product at $200.00. That’s an average of $13.00 a unit with all other expenses included. Double your investment, at retail prices. One pound of ground Chaga can sell for $35.00 & 2oz tinctures can sell for up to $25.00. Make your own prices to suit your market needs! Why choose our Chaga & Tincture Starter Kit? Hassle-free and easy-to-set-up store display that can be up within minutes. At 12”x12” x 9”, it takes up little space and offers a cool-blue stand, paired with an eye-catching orange backdrop with a list of available items. What’s included? Quantity 3, 1lb bags of Ground Chaga - Wild harvested off of White Birch from our Minnesota forests. Our Chaga is never lab-produced. Lab production lacks the natural beneficial properties of betulin and betulinic acid. Your choice of 12 tinctures from our tincture line. Our tinctures offer a blend of organic and wild-harvested mushrooms & berries/herbs that have been triple-extracted for maximum concentration. Not done by our competitors. Why buy from Icecube Herbals? Icecube Herbals are one of the largest professional wild Chaga operations in Minnesota. We are fully insured and registered with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture & processed in accordance with The Minnesota Department of Health & Food a & Drug Administration regulations. YOUR CHOICE OF TWELVE OF THE TINCTURES BELOW. CHOOSE THE QUANTITY, MIX AND MATCH. **BEST SELLERS **Birch Bark Birch Polypore **Chaga Dandelion Elderberry - NEW Essiac Tea - NEW Ginseng Honeyberry **Lions Mane Oyster Mushroom - NEW Pumpkin Seed Passion Flower Plantago Major **Purslane Resina Calendula **Triple Threat ** Turkey Tail Wildberry Antioxidant Booster - **White Pine Needle** Elderberry NEW PLEASE CONTACT US WITH YOUR ORDER WITHIN 24 HOURS OF PURCHASE


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