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Want to manage cords better, every day? Try a CordBrick™! CordBrick™ is a [Patent Pending] cord holder and cable management device just launched in late 2021. CordBrick™ works with nearly any phone charger cord and adapts to nearly any charging station since it is the first device that is both a weighted cord holder and a traveling cable wrap. CordBrick™, conveniently, can even allow you to unwrap your cords untangled! What’s more; CordBrick™ has handy uses with your phone, making it a must-have around every charging station. Which means you’ll want CordBricks™ all over your house - and office - wherever you charge or need to manage pesky chargers for your phone, earbuds, watch, tablet, bluetooth speaker or other small battery powered devices - including some laptop charger cords. CordBrick is weighted with ⅛ pound of coated steel (exposed on one side and recessed so as to not ding your furniture) and is made of soft, grippy silicone on the outside. It’s the perfect weight for the most common cords most people use on a daily basis to charge their phones and other small electronic devices. Even if you own a wireless charger, use CordBrick™ to group its cord next to other cords on a desktop or workspace to clear all that excess cord clutter - keeping a neat & tidy look - all without any adhesive. Plus, it’s great to have CordBrick around to use in a variety of ways with your phone to view/take pictures with or video chat. CordBrick can even serve as a mini elevation-pad for your phone saving chipped nails (ladies?) upon picking up - just slide fingers easily underneath and lift, and allowing for silent lift & drop to mute the sound of your case phone against a desktop. Instead of multiple devices or solutions to different problems, CordBrick offers one product that can solve many problems, saving you money & helping to make your most frequented spaces more convenient, enjoyable, and just, better!