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236 Serving 14 Day Emergency Long Term Storage Food Supply Ration MRE Kit

100 item(s)
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30 days
Price in points:4000 points
Brand: Mountain Fresh Foods, Made In: USA

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Why us

We Want You Prepared! Mountain Fresh Survival Foods specializes in giving families the nutrition resources they need to survive the unexpected.


The 14 Day Meal Foundation Kit is designed to serve as caloric foundation for your emergency food supply. Designed and packaged to last over 25 years if stored properly, the 14 Day Meal Foundation Kit provides a whopping 20 lbs and 27,800 calories of nutrient rich white rice, pinto beans, salt and soup base (for seasoning or comforting chicken soup broth). All Components are packaged in durable Mylar specifically designed for long-term food storage using state-of-the-art packaging methods in our duel-inspected USDA/FDA manufacturing and packaging plant in Western North Carolina.
This product can be enjoyed either as a stand-alone meal or used to stretch existing food supplies. It is designed to work hand-in-hand with your existing food supplies in that the components allow you a caloric base from which nearly anything from canned soup to fresh vegetables can be combined. These meals provide sufficient calories AND protein high enough your family will not be left hungry.

Remember SERVINGS DO NOT EQUAL MEALS!! Your average meal today might include 5-12 servings and work out to a per-day total 1,500-2,000 calories a day. Thus, these meal kits that include "3 servings a day" might total a mere 240 calories. Think about it, when you eat a meal do you have "1 serving" of mashed potatoes and put your plate away? No, you might have a serving of 3-4 things (consider the traditional "meat and three" ) and then an extra of something. As a benchmark, the average caloric total of an "MRE" (the military ration) is 1,200 calories.

The largest challenge those in disaster type situations where food supplies are scarce face is how to survive until additional food becomes available. The Meal Foundation Kits provides the large quantity of the basic staples needed to extend your pantry to meet the need. When combined with even the most random items found in most pantries and freezers (if you have electric) such as spaghetti sauce, canned soup, canned vegetables, etc. the 14 Day Meal Foundation Kit can be extended to meet the needs of several people.

Proudly Made in the Western North Carolina, USA.


Supply Duration:
14 Days
20 lbs
Mountain Fresh Foods
California Prop 65 Warning Text:

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14 Days 20 lbs
100 item(s)


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