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Build-A-Kit - Salt Seasoning Component - Emergency Food Supply Rations MRE

100 item(s)
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Brand: Mountain Fresh Foods, Made In: USA

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Minimum quantity for "Build-A-Kit - Salt Seasoning Component - Emergency Food Supply Rations MRE" is 1.

377 Servings - 1.25 lbs Iodized Salt (377x .5 tsp serv)
Why us

We Want You Prepared! Mountain Fresh Survival Foods specializes in giving families the nutrition resources they need to survive the unexpected.


This is the equivalent of your typical canister of table salt purchased for your kitchen sealed for long-term storage. Salt is packaged within zip-resealable mylar packaging with food-grade desiccant packages. We recommend storing multiple salt packages for seasoning purposes. This salt is "iodized" to protect from the possibility of iodine deficiency, which is important in austere situations.
Build-A-Kit Listings allow you to select the items you want to create your own kit. Choose components such as Rice, Potato Flakes, Black and Pinto Beans, Salt and Soup Base Seasoning to add flavor. To determine the number of days your created Kit can provide, simply add up the calories and divide by the number of calories you want per day ("Calorie allowance" should range from 1,500-2,500 per day - Average 1,800 calories) and divide the total by that number (Example: A total of 18,000 calories divided by an 1,800 calorie a day allowance = 10 Days).

Mountain Fresh Foods specializes in packaging high quality and high calorie foods using state of the art production methods within it's FDA regulated facility.

Proudly manufactured in Western North Carolina, USA


1.25 lbs
Mountain Fresh Foods
California Prop 65 Warning Text:
Small Parts Warning Code :

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1.25 lbs
100 item(s)


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